Hi! I'm Denise! A laid-back mom of 2 (some days not so laid back) who lives in sunny Florida and enjoys going to the beach as often as possible. I LOVE designing all your launch assets. Yes, it's true! Most clients come to me to help them design their launch as a second thought, but the way your launch looks matters! You can command a higher price and more authority if your launch looks spectacular and speaks to your ideal client. 

Why a launch Designer?

I am a brand and website designer by trade. I ran my business as a designer for some time. I LOVE the energy around launches (I always have). They are full of excitement and expectation. And so much celebration! 🎉

I have always loved designing, so designing for entrepreneurs when they need it most (because they are all stressed out from the million and one things they need to do for a successful launch) is extremely satisfying. My clients feel a huge relief when I complete their launch design assets because now they can show up and sell to their ideal audience!

I will give you all the experience I have earned over the years to help you have your most successful launch yet! 

About Moi

About Moi

Why work with me?

Launching can be overwhelming! Planning all your design assets are often procrastinated and then thrown together at the last minute because it is not most entrepreneurs' favorite thing to do (and there's a lot of it for your launch!). I have helped many coaches, service-based entrepreneurs and course creators design the assets for their launch! Together we will make a plan to design the most important assets for your launch and a plan for when to use them all in ONE DAY so you'll get it done fast and you will have the confidence to show up for your launch and draw in your ideal clients! 

Your success is my success, I am completely invested in your launch success so I will stick around and be your personal cheerleader throughout your launch. You will not be alone! 

Let's Build your most successful launch yet!

Make a big impact & make some big money!