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Question for you

What if you could design a beautiful brand in days without the expensive price tag of a designer?


Let me rephrase that...

What if in just a few hours you could have a professional-looking logo and brand that make you feel like the Boss that you are?

You have a vision for your business. Building a brand around that business will attract your clients to you. When you create a brand that your customers love, they will come to you over and over again. 

You can finally have the confidence and legitimacy of a real business. 

You can show up 100% for a business you believe in and your clients will see that!

If you're ready to get serious about your business...

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I know what you're thinking...


Design & creativity are not your favorite and your time is better spent in other parts of your business.


You're not ready to spend $1000s to have a professional designer do it for you.


You don't have the time to learn the programs, scour youtube for tutorials and still get stuck throughout the process.

But you know, that if you just had a professional-looking logo and cohesive brand you could start showing up with the confidence of a CEO & Start. Making. Money!

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Blah to Branded

20 Canva Brand Templates with 60 completely customizable logos to create the modern & professional look your business needs!

You'll get immediate access to

Get immediate access and start building your magnetic brand today

3 fully editable and customizable logo variations in each template for your main logo, secondary logo & submark.

Your brand color palette - make sure your branding in social medias and website is always on point with your brand colors

Your brand fonts - choose font sets that look professional and cohesive throughout your entire brand 

Your Brand Board that will make it clear for you and anyone you hire in the future how to keep your brand looking on-pointe at all times.

All of the elements are designed in Canva and you will receive step-by-step video tutorials on how to make your custom brand.

Blah to Branded eliminates the need to learn fancy programs like Photoshop or Illustrator - Canva is user-friendly even if you're not a designer!

for one single payment
of only       $27


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Can you imagine?

  • Having a professional brand & logo that gives you confidence and builds trust for your business.

  • You can charge more for your offer because you and your business looks amazing!

  • Your new logo & brand connect with your ideal audience and they begin loving you and flocking to you.

  • Your business looks and feels legitimate and professional.

  • You build your authority by looking like a million bucks - without the price tag.

Can your business afford not to be branded?


You've stared at your computer screen long enough. You have started designing a logo, you don't even remember how many times!


You have this incredible offer that you want to share with the world, and you know that you need to create a cohesive brand for it to just take off.

You see all these other businesses with incredible branding and you know that's what's holding you back...

Consistency creates Reliability.

Reliability creates Trust.

And Trust leads to Sales.

Having a consistent brand and message are the first steps to building your business & making money.

Blah to Branded was created with you in mind - so you can gain the confidence you need to skyrocket your business.

Hi I'm Denise!

I have been a brand and website designer for over 5 years. I have helped countless entrepreneurs build their brands and business with cohesive design and messaging to attract their ideal clients! 

I am incredibly passionate about empowering entrepreneurs - especially women - to own their power as CEOs and #bossbabes! 

Helping you start and grow your business makes me do a happy dance! And I can't wait to see what you come up with. I know, especially as a new entrepreneur, it can be tough to outsource some jobs. And when you are wearing all the hats it can become overwhelming.

That's why I created Blah to Branded where you will finally be able to bring the vision for your business to life. I got you! I'm here to support you.

Here's everything that's included:

Blah to Branded

20 Canva Brand
Kit Templates

Unique Brand Board

Video Tutorials

Your brand color palette - make sure your branding in social medias and website is always on point with your brand colors