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Are you thinking of starting a new business? Are you ready to rebrand your business to scale? 

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey, having a clear brand is important to take your business to the next level!

Attract your Ideal Customer

Well planned branding resonates with your customers, makes you and your brand memorable, and sets you apart in your niche.

Branding is often what can tip the scale by making a lasting impression with your customers. It's important to get it right!


Increase your Credibility

With a consistent brand, your clients will learn to trust you and turn to you first when they need your services. 

Having a consistent brand gives the idea that you are an expert in your field an you have it all together.

Charge your Worth

A good brand will make you look more professional, more put together and will build trust in your business.

A good brand will let you charge more money for similar services that others may provide. People will pay more for your services if you have a brand that speaks to them!

Online Meeting

Designing an effective and cohesive brand can be difficult and time-consuming.


I want to help creative entrepreneurs, such as yourself, design a beautiful brand that will resonate with your ideal customers so that you can be confident in providing your services or products to your audience. 

I know the investment in branding can be steep, so let me guide you with a Brand Strategy Session where we will clear up all the questions you have about building a magnetic brand.

Brand Strategy Session

Your investment includes

  • 90-minute discussion about your brand and business

  • My exclusive Brand Breakdown Workbook where we'll dive deep into your:

    • Brand values​

    • Brand mission

    • Brand Pillars

    • Your ultimate "why"

    • Your Ideal client avatar

    • Your unique value proposition

    • Your competition and position

    • Social Media Marketing Strategy

    • Email Marketing

    • Brand consistency in online presence

  • A recording of our discussion for you to refer to as you build your brand

  • 2 weeks of Messenger follow-up for questions as you implement your brand

Brand Strategy Session $249