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Halcyon Spa & Wellness
ReBranding + Website Design

What should you do when you buy a stale business? Rebrand of course! That's exactly what we did for Halcyon Spa & Wellness. We redesigned their entire brand and website from scratch when the new owner, Ashlyn, took over. 

Ashlyn's mission is to create a luxurious ad pampering space where her clients can feel relaxed from the moment they enter the spa. She also wanted to add and improve services that would increase the value for her clients. 

Ashlyn reached out to me to help her create this new and beautiful design for her new business, to attract her ideal clients and make them fans for life.

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The Challenge

The website and brand Ashlyn inherited were outdated, bland and not functional for the aesthetic she was trying to convey. 

The mission was to make a website where clients could book their appointments and purchase products used in spa. We needed to create a beautiful and luxurious brand that would attract customers and covey a feeling of relaxation.  

What we did 

Together we dove deep into what Ashlyn envisioned for her brand. We identified who her ideal client was and how she would best serve them. We chose light and neutral colors that would immediately convey a feeling of relaxation and calm. 

We went on to create a website for Halcyon that included the elements that she needed - a shop, a calendar to book appointments and an intuitive and responsive site that would help customers feel at ease from the moment they arrived. 

Halcyon's website now does some of the heavy lifting and allows a user-friendly experience for customers to book their appointments from the comfort of their own home. 



A one page website with drab colors and no functionality. 


A fully functional and responsive site with beautiful and serene colors to attract and retain ideal clients. 


Let's build a brand and website you will be proud of.

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