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Every woman is a goddess and she deserves to be treated as such. The founder and creator of indulge retreats is on a mission to provide all-inclusive vacations for the busy, stressed and overworked boss babe who is hustling on the daily to make sure all her bills are paid and she is taken care of. 

Working with, Dionna, the travel planner and owner of Indulge Retreats, we carved out her ideal client. Came up with a luxurious name and visuals to attract those women who know what they deserve and are ready to relax. 

Because you deserve it. 

The primary challenge for building this brand was to exude luxury and entire boss ladies to trust that they will get a pampered luxurious vacation at a budget they can afford.  

We worked to establish a foundation that showcased the brand’s fun and reliability—this will be the go-to brand for a full out pampered vacation for hard-working women.

What we did 

Together we dove deep into what the founder envisioned for her brand. We identified who her ideal client was and designed a feminine luxurious escape where these hard-working ladies could retreat to and trust they will be well taken care of.

We went on to create her welcome and nurture email series to get the ladies excited about building connections with each other prior to going on their retreats. 

Dionna is recruiting primarily through Instagram and Facebook and building relationships with her ideal customers through her facebook group! 

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