Why you need an amazing website

Did you know that 44% of small business do NOT have a website or have a poorly designed website that does NOT convert?

A website is you mark on the online world, and since EVERYONE wants to do EVERYTHING online, you NEED to have an online presence that will make you stand out from your competition. Apart from having an amazing website, you want to be sure that it will CONVERT (get you sales, leads, bookings, contracts, etc.) - that SHOULD be the main point of your website.

I will not only design your site, I will ensure that it is optimized for mobile (which is where 85% of all businesses get their conversions these days) and optimized for google SEO. 

Why you need a Branding Strategy & Identity

Think about any famous brand (Coca Cola, McDonald's, Instagram, Facebook, Apple) and you will immediately be able to think of their logo and general color scheme. That's the lasting impression that you want to make on your potential customers/clients. You want them to be impressed by your brand's cohesion and professional look. This is the brand identity - what causes the connection with a familiar look.

This is what can tip the scale in your favor against competitors. A cohesive brand with similar colors, fonts, texts, and overall feel throughout your website, social media, and marketing will create that luxurious brand feel for your small business. This is the brand strategy - what allows your voice to resonate throughout different media platforms.

By combining the two you will outrun your competition by miles by establishing this beautiful, well thought out and well executed brand strategy and identity in your website. 

Where are you in your entrepreneurial journey?

I'm in the early stages of my business.

I need guidance in setting up and managing my website. I have so many ideas and I'd like to organize them into my vision!

I'm ready to grow!

My business is outgrowing my current platform and I want to set up a website reflective of me and my brand!

What's Your Brand Style Quiz?

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