4 Reasons to Use Website Templates

Your website is like your headquarters on the internet. You'll use your website to showcase your best work, capture leads, sell to customers, provide value, and many other things. But, a good website is not so easily made. The idea of "build it and they will come" is absolutely NOT the case for websites.

As a non-designer entrepreneur, it is easy enough to fall into the trap that a DIY website is the way to go. But, consider the time it takes to learn the platform, the research into competitors and keywords, learning how to create a customer journey - it's no wonder why you're DIY website is NOT cutting it.

Enter website templates. Now I know what you are thinking:

"I don't want the same website as someone else."

"It won't have my business personality."

"I still have to design that myself."

"I don't know how to use the tech."

Being a brand and website designer I advocate for custom websites right off the bat. A custom website allows your site to be completely unique to your business and your business needs and you can set it up from the beginning to be ready to scale. But, I know that a custom website is not in everyone's budget. Which is why I created complete brand kits and website templates you can download and customize at very affordable prices. These will get you started on your way to creating an online presence you can be proud of! This leads me to the first reason that a website template is the way to go!


1. Affordability

A website template can get you started in your business with a beautiful website that will achieve your goals. A good website template will be easy to navigate, easy to customize and lead your clients or customers on a journey to end up working with you. A website template is a premade website, that is shared with you on the platform of choice (usually dictated by the designer), and then you are free to edit and customize the site to your business.

Since it is premade and often resold, the website template is much more affordable than a custom website.

2. Flexibility & Functionality

But don't let this fool you, just because your website template may be sold to other entrepreneurs does NOT mean that your site will not be original. No two entrepreneurs are the same. Though the template may be purchased by different entrepreneurs, each business has its own brand, its own voice, its own personality and you will be able to customize the template to match your business.

The template serves as a guide for you to build your website, rather than starting from scratch. And you will be able to add pages such as - e-commerce, services, resources, memberships, subscriptions - basically anything you need for your business.

Website templates allow you the flexibility to customize them to your business needs and create a site that will have all the functionality you need for your business.

3. Saves Time

If you try to DIY your website from scratch. You will likely get stuck researching all the things you will need to add, things you may not have even thought of - privacy policies, terms and conditions, cookie banners, opt-in popups, email capture, etc. A good premade website template will come with a placeholder for each of these elements so you can just plug and launch.

The website template will be an outline for everything that you need to include in your business and it saves you so much time vs. trying to start from scratch.

4. Creativity

As a non-designer, you most likely have some creativity - I mean you are building a business after all. But, that does not mean you are a creative designer and you are definitely not in your 'zone of genius' when designing your site. A website template can help get those creative juices flowing. It gives you a starting off point to build your business identity online.

It can even help you flesh out the rest of your brand to match the aesthetic of your website and create a cohesive look throughout your business. It can also work the opposite way in that the website enhances your brand because you can customize it to look just like your brand and you can search templates that match your look.

Now as you can see, templates are an excellent choice to get your business up and running. Check out my shop to search beautiful templates you can instantly download and edit. Don't forget to sign up for 10% off your first purchase and get notified when a new template drops (which is every week!).

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