How to use Clubhouse to Grow Your Business

If, like me, you became an entrepreneur to make your own schedule and have some freedom with your time doing what you love then you may have gone off the grid for the Christmas holiday.

Prior to taking a break, I heard about and saw this new voice app "clubhouse" and I thought "I don't really want to jump on another app - I've just gotten my sh*t together with some other platforms - I'm good."

And off I went to enjoy Christmas with my family. Fast forward to the 28th, when I semi got back into my groove and saw this request for a Clubhouse Invite plastered ALL OVER my social media!! WTH!?

So, naturally, I started doing some research and found out it was a voice why is it so great? "You can connect with other entrepreneurs and promote your business..." how is this different from Instagram and Facebook?

Then I found out that you need an invite to get in and FOMO started to creep in. So here were the levels I went through before I started tapping into all my resources for an invite!

Stage 1: "Meh - I don't really want to be on it anyway."

Stage 2: "It seems kind of cool though...I want to be like the cool kids."

Stage 3: "I'll just ask if someone can invite me in."

Stage 4: "Everyone only gets ONE invite!! WTH? I'm getting one!"

Stage 5: Some begging - not proud of it

Stage 6: "I got an invite!!!"

Stage 7: Mind-blown

It really is a great app to connect with other entrepreneurs but, I'll tell you why. All of us have those powerhouse entrepreneurs that we look up to. You know how awesome it would be to connect with them if you could just ask them one question or learn more about their story, or just bask in their presence. Well, Clubhouse lets you do that!

You can jump into any "room" and listen to what they are talking about. The rooms are usually named and hosted by certain people. Then you can join as an audience member - raise your hand to speak and you'll be invited to the "stage" and you'll take the floor and ask some question or drop some knowledge and boom you've gotten in front of big names like Christina Rowe, Tanner Chidester, Carlos Reyes, Brad Costanzo, Sara Holland and a bunch of other people you didn't even know existed in your industry or space!

I kind of equate it to a virtual summit, it's free, live and you can come as you are. It's really just people having conversations about business, their background, stories and anything else you can think of. That is why it's so great for your business. In the few days I've been on I've connected with 2 entrepreneurs to make podcasts, and several others to host a room myself.

It's a great, unique way to connect and I definitely think Clubhouse is going to be a huge player in the social media world in 2021 and beyond. Right now it is only available to Apple users (sorry android, you'll have to wait). You can get invited by someone in your network, then you'll receive one invite for someone else. Then if you start hosting rooms, 3 or more you'll receive 3 more invites. And so on, so the more active you are on the platform, the more invites you'll receive, and once you get in, you add a profile pic, make up your bio and start mingling.

Here are some of the ways it can be incredibly beneficial to help you grow your business:

1) Have access to people you may not have been able to reach through other platforms.

Like I mentioned above, you can get in front of powerhouse names and get their advice and opinions on real-life situations in your business. You'll also be exposed to other industry and thought leaders that you didn't even know about! So, come into it with an open mind and those burning questions - don't be scared to get in front of them! It can be intimidating to be in front of wildly successful people when you are not at that level, especially when you are just starting out. But, Clubhouse is great for this in that you can hang out in a bit, see what the room is about then chime in! It's all about building those connections.

2) Host a room on a topic you have authority on.

You have the opportunity to host your own rooms in Clubhouse on any topic that you'd like. It's your chance to step into your authority and start talking about what you rock at in your business. Start a room around the topic you can talk about for hours, invite people to join and start jabbering away. The conversation almost always evolves into what the audience needs - you don't have to have an outline prepared because the audience will chime in and contribute and keep the conversation flowing. It's an amazing way to build your confidence and show off a bit in your "zone of genius."

3) Collaborate with your peers.

You can connect with people to host a room together. This will increase your authority even more. Imagine you can all just hook up, choose a topic, plan a room and start chatting about it. The key is to give value to your audience. You'll have people flocking to your rooms when you set them up if you can provide massive value. Clubhouse is perfect for dropping your knowledge in bitesize ways that people can take advantage of and act on. Unlike a webinar or even Facebook or Instagram Live where you have a sort of script you're sticking to and certain content you are going to share. You'll have people live asking what they need in real-time to move the conversation in an organic way.

4) Market Research

When you decide to host your room, or even jump into someone else's room. You'll have an audience full of people listening to what you have to say. It's also human nature that people LOVE to give their opinion on EVERYTHING. So, use that to your advantage and do some market research! Particularly some of the tougher information that can be difficult to get like psychographics. Find out why they chose to come to your room, what they need right now to move the needle forward on their business, what are their hopes, dreams and goals. It's incredible for learning about your niche.

5) Get more customers/clients.

You'll never make a sale if you don't ask for it. If you have the opportunity to speak in front of your ideal client, be it in your own room or in someone else's don't be afraid to plug your business - after providing some value or insight by participating and asking for permission from the hosts, of course. You'll never know who might need what you have to offer.

There are so many ways you can use Clubhouse to level up your business I'm just barely skimming the surface. But, in my opinion, it's here to stay and it's only going to get better.

Follow me @DeniseDesigns and let's talk all things branding and web design. See you in there! Careful's addicting!

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