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become a referral partner

Omg yay! I'm so happy to be sharing my referral program with you! I created my Ready to Launch Design Days to help entrepreneurs, who have so much to offer with their courses and offers, get their whole launch designed and planned out so that they can focus on showing up with confidence, making an impact and earning that CASH! 

So, speaking of earning cash, I am excited to personally invite you to become an affiliate of my Ready to Launch Design Days! This affiliate opportunity is available to only a select few who are personally invited. Read on to learn how it works.

xx, Denise

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Earn $100 for each referral

who books a Launch Design Day.

When you refer clients to me the work we do together will:

Relieve a huge stressor during their launch

Be confident in their offer and serve their own clients

Help them plan out a launch that will attract their ideal clients

Give them more time freedom to work on serving their clients

That's it! Simple right? It's a total WIN-WIN and the person you refer will also be winning so make that a WIN-WIN-WIN!! 

How you'll refer clients to me:

You can send referrals with an email introduction to me directly, or do an intro via FB messenger. You can also give them my contact info and make sure they mention that you sent them. 

+ you'll even receive an email with social media images and pre-written copy to share my services on your social media or with your email list!

So, all the work is done for you! 

 Beyond the money, 

you’ll be giving your clients and friends the gift of getting their time back and relieving their overwhelm -- all while serving their clients and increasing the success of their launch in the process.

 Like I said Win-win-win! 

If you’re ready to give your clients and friends these invaluable gifts, and cash in a little extra dough on the side, complete the form so I can get you signed up!